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Some first impressions and bugs I've collated from the forums. Relevant topic: here.

NB: Some things on the Suggestions page may infact be bugs. Don't forget to have a look. Perhaps I should merge the two pages instead?


[edit] First Impressions (version 1.3)

[edit] Likes

  • seeing mountains from below, and better view close to the ground
  • keeping memory user preferences such as lat/lon lines, color, crosshair, etc
  • camera bank
  • more progressive vertical exageration (especially x 1.5)
  • scripting possibility (though I did not yet get into it really)
  • smoother, more progressive movement
  • "altitude" indicating really altitude
  • love the program itself. And the fact that it is free!

[edit] Dislikes

  • Layer manager:
    • Check boxes were handy. So it was possible to download multiple layers at the same time (e.g. USGS and Topo maps).
      • But this will lead to users getting a mangled image, like the complaints we had before. We can't win!
    • And why have I to click on that tiny bracket to open a sub-category? I would recommend that the whole text is clickable.
  • Top menu is either loved or hated. Ideas: Perhaps make icons larger and zoom less on mouseover? Perhaps put a grey translucent curved rectangular box around the descriptions - sometimes over bright imagery it's hard to read the text.
    • I second that - the dock like thing gets thumbs down from me - sorry! Ditch the translucency, the zoom, and change the icons to simple (schematic, understandable without tooltips) static buttons.
  • The transparency : though it is very artisctic at first glance, it is impossible to read any toolbar button above a dark background! Transparancy was a nice but false good idea, better have the button and see what there is in them, or hide the toolbar (CTRL T), but not have this unreadable thing that hides the background...
    • We need tools -> options which opens up a pane with other options including a transparency slider.
  • The toolbar !!! it makes me sea-sick with every button moving left to right when you approach one of them. Better have fewer, larger buttons (grouping those which are exclusive such as Landsat vis, pseudo, USGS, etc.) in a drop menu, and/or keeeping other buttons at the same place when zooming the active button
  • "Position information" is barely visible when you click on its button, it only appears when you get the mouse back ! While it is a marvelous aesthetic view, it's a nonsense in MMI because you don't see the effect of this button and you deduce that something doesn't work !
  • The direction of bank control : for all other controls, it seems that when you have the mouse above the crosshair the mouse and the background move the same way ; for bank control (dragging with both mouse buttons) it is the opposite - i.e. it banks to the right when you would expect it move to the left.
  • Gravity, locking planet axis... more exactly I did not understand how it works... not very intuitive, contrary to the older version where I got started even without looking at the manual. (TB: This can be fiddled with in the view menu?)
    • I found out that "gravity" was in fact "inertia", smoother movement - has been corrected -
  • Impossibility to tilt directly through the vertical (i.e. from +1 degree tilt, 0 degree bank, to -1 degree tilt, 180 degrees bank)
  • Altitude indicated OK, but it lacks the indication of what was previously indicated as "altitude" - the distance between camera and target - even with CTRL D (where there are 2 identical altitudes). This was useful to know the zoom level

[edit] Bugs

New bugs added to the top.

  • Verson 1.3.1 Can not get detailed zoom in views. Does not appear to be updating views.

Performed the following: I performed the 7 "regsvr32" commands and had success with 6 of them. The seventh one "msjava.dll" came back with an error message "Load Library (msjava.dll) failed - The specified module could not be found"

I performed the patches "Community Landsat 7 - Server change, path restore access for 1.3.1 & 1.3" Did version 2.0 add on patch.

  • uninstall of 1.3 and 1.3.1 makes a new install impossible.
  • Placenames at lat0, lon0 are junk.
  • Text label for Fiji is in the wrong place. It is currently in the middle of the Coral sea near Australia, the wrong side of Vanuata
  • Text of "Isle of Man" is in Morocco at (34.1,-4.5); should be ~(54.1,-4.5)
  • IE auto proxy settings do not work (wpad.dat)
  • NLT Landsat is too shimmery and the colors are just plain wrong!
  • Placenames are miles out for Southern Australia.
  • Rotation with bank : at 90 degrees bank, mouse right button click'n drag from right to left (i.e. from sky to earth) induces heading change instead of tilt angle change; right button click'n drag from up to bottom induces tilt angle change instead of heading change--Denis 14:41, 8 Mar 2005 (PST)(moved from dislikes)
  • Planet axis locked : when the planet axis is horizontal on the screen, the movement is in a wrong direction (i.e. when moving the mouse up or down, the earth is moving north/south instead of east/west that would be expected).--Denis 14:41, 8 Mar 2005 (PST)(moved from suggestions page).
  • With motion momentum, "planet axis lock" is ineffective--Denis 14:41, 8 Mar 2005 (PST)(moved from suggestions page).
  • When entering the program via invoking a worldwind: URL, World Wind seem to loose its capability to display icons in overlays. This happens for flags, points-of-interest, etc. Only the trail overlays work. It is a nuisance for the Wikipedia add-on layer, since World Wind will be invoked via an URL, and one cannot see hotspots for neighbouring articles.
  • Atrobiology icon for The Pilbara (Australia) has a black frame.
  • when camera is below ground, altitude still indicates terain height + 100 m--Denis 14:41, 8 Mar 2005 (PST)
  • space key: sometimes it send you back to 12756 km on the first key stroke, sometimes only at the second (only getting to 0�tilt and bank at the first) . THe first case seems to be when tilt angle is greater than 60�. Not 100% illogical but very confusing for the user... --Denis 14:41, 8 Mar 2005 (PST)
  • wrong motion momentum direction (with planet axis locked): heading north is OK; at any other heading, the motion direction changes... for instance heading east, if you begin moving east, the motion continue to the north !--Denis 14:41, 8 Mar 2005 (PST)
  • w/motion momentum and w/o point to go, impossible to stop ! Except with space key, but with side effects of resetting tilt bank and altitude. A left click should stop the movement (like w/point to go, but without going to the point clicked, just stopping the motion)--Denis 14:41, 8 Mar 2005 (PST)
  • Some refinement-tiles came empty and with an wrong suffix xxxx-xxxx.jpg.txt [thread].
  • The first three icons of the toolbar do not change the status of the relevant items in the "view" of the menu,when they are clicked.[screenshot], [thread].
  • (in big bold letters) Code the transparency! [Even clever people don't get it!]
  • At very low altitude, the display jitters in both X and Y like a starbucks addict.
  • When zooming down to look at a building, user "broke through" the surface and was suddenly looking at the underside of Australia and Antartica! They were actually reversed east-for-west. This bug and above bug are [here].
  • World Wind pauses for long intervals between downloading tiles at times. One has to zoom in and out etc to get it to trigger the downloading again. Perhaps a rendering loop is slowing things down?
  • Auth. proxy support not yet done. Also see this thread: Forums
  • It's not strictly a bug, but a converter for 1.2 --> 1.3 Cache is needed at some point in time.
  • installer needs to check for 700 megs available on the %TEMP% drive

Same blurred fonts on my sony laptop (DX9c, ATI9200-64MB, 512mb).

The more I zoom in the smaller the font text goes.

  • CPU usage is very high. Ctrl-D shows frame rate of 50fps even when image is static - is that why? Fans on PCs are going into overdrive to cope...
  • Tile downloading outside view: (view frustrum?) - often seems to spend time downloading tiles outside of view frame, while neglecting those that need updateing in the frame.
  • Another placename comment - does WW/Nasa have control over the database? Numerous pns are overlaid/badly rendered, particularly non-english ones. (the databases are all open, check out USGS and GNIS. I think it's a few gigs of textual names. It needs to be all tossed into a database and regenerated. Also we are looking into reducing and optimizing the placename format. In short, placenames are screwed all over User:Llynix ) -> Is it in relation with the fact that many small placenames don't have a country information in the place finder ?
  • The URI with &tilt doesn't work, the view is outside of the point the higher the altitude is, the further the view will be away from this point, e.g. worldwind://goto/world=Earth&lat=47&lon=15&alt=95000&tilt=90, the view is over the Adria, not in Austria.
    • Unable to reproduce? Can anyone confirm this problem? -- 15:25, 4 Mar 2005 (MST)
  • When I select Dutch for install I got some Italian(?) messages.

hy until now no one want to tell me about the installtion error , that unable to load toham font m who will ansswer me from the devolpment dept.

  • Landmark Angkor Wat is in wrong place (Philippines).

[edit] Bugs that the users haven't found yet

  • Placefinder doesn't redraw properly when generating indexes and in some other places.
  • transparency bug
  • landmark for forbidden city is in the wrong place.

[edit] Not Yet Bugs

  • "File or assembly name Microsoft.DirectX.DirectX3DX, or one of its dependencies, was not found" - DX_HELL returns! Llynix is certain he'll have this fixed shortly. (unconfirmed, one report from a guy who judging by the thread may very well be running an old alpha build)
  • Some installer dialogues show Italian when Dutch is selected. (I think it was in the correct language, just all messed up due to encoding issues.)

[edit] Conclusion

Overall a positive reaction I think. Well done everyone.

[edit] Suggestions

Please post all suggestions [here]. Thanks!

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