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Gulf Coast Hypoxia Map
Gulf Coast Hypoxia Map
Gulf Coast Hypoxia Map
Developer TomServo
Latest release 1.0 / 2006-07-29
License CC Sharealike license
Web site Add-on website

[edit] Overview

Hypoxia is a phenomenon that occurs in aquatic environments as dissolved oxygen becomes reduced in concentration to a point detrimental to aquatic organisms living in the system.

This is a major concern if the Gulf Coast is going to continue being as productive as it is now. NOAA is leading a research study into the levels of Oxygen that are in the Gulf Coast. This research is called the Gulf Coast Hypoxia Watch and is a yearly study of the levels of oxygen.

[edit] Description

This add-on coveres the study years of 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2002. The data includes the color contour maps if the Oxygen levels and markers for all the collection stations.

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