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Language Switcher for Original & Rebuild
For World Wind 1.4 Original Version
For World Wind 1.4 Original Version
Developer Pisut Nakmuenwai (Knight)
Latest release 0.1b / 2007-03-10
License GISTDA, Thailand
(Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency)
Web site DigitalThailand Project
For World Wind 1.4 Rebuild Version
For World Wind 1.4 Rebuild Version

Both plugins allow World Wind to support multiple languages.


[edit] Language Switcher 0.1b Fixed

Download LanguageSwitcher 0.1

[edit] TODO List

  1. Translate More Languages (Need Help!)
  2. Ask NASA WorldWind team to public LayerManager header & item and Caption properties in next version. May it be support translation without rebuild.
  3. Fix bug reported by mazop (link:[1]).
  4. Include more language (German by mazop).

[edit] Plugins-For-Original WorldWind

You can use it with original World Wind 1.4 by copying it to plugins folder.
Menu to change language will appear in Plugins menuitem when installed.
The plugins can translate only MenuItem in menubar and MenuButton (in buttonbar).

[edit] Plugins-For_Multiple Language WorldWind (Rebuild)

You can use it with rebuild version only.
by replacing 3 of patch file "WorldWind.exe", "WorldWindow.dll" and "PluginSDK.dll".
Use the same way like Original version, but.....
The Plugins can translate LayerManager header, each LayerManagerMenuItem and Caption of position.

[edit] How to create other language translator

You can create your own language translator by copying Thai.xml or Any.xml to a new file.
Then change attributes Language="New Language", It will appear in language list.
Next step change value in tag <To><![CDATA[......]]></To> to your own language.
You can add more elements <Translate> to translate other menuitem or layers as you want.

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