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Mars global geology
Martian global geology
Martian global geology
Developer withak
Latest release  ? / 2005-08-26
License undefined
Web site World Wind Forums thread

This map of the equatorial regions and polar of Mars represents a more advanced study of the geology afforded bythe higher resolution, better quality, and nearly complete coverage of the Viking Orbiter images. These geologic maps of the north and south polar regions of Mars, extending to 55° north and south latitudes, overlap by 2° the geologic maps of the western and eastern regions, which extend to lat ±57°. The maps were compiled from Viking medium-resolution photomosaics at scales of 1:2,000,000 and from higherresolution Viking images. The map is the first of three in a series planned to cover the entire planet, portraying its lithology, stratigraphy, and structure.

  • Note - this Add-on requires the Mars Add-on for World Wind to be installed.
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