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Olympus Mons structural features
Olympus Mons
Olympus Mons
Developer withak
Latest release  ? / 2005-08-26
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Here is a map of the visible structural features around Olympus Mons.

Olympus mons is one of the broadest volcanoes and certainly the tallest in the Solar System. It has been extensively described and analyzed in scientifis publications and frequently noted in the popular and nontechnical literature of Mars. However, the first name given to the feature - Nix Olympica (Schiaparelli, 1879) - was based on its albedo, not its size, because early telescopic observations of Mars revealed only albedo features and not topography (Inge and others, 1971). After Mariner 9 images aquired in 1971 showed that this albedo feature coincides with a giant shield volcano (McCauley and others, 1972), the name Olympus Mons was adopted for the shield to distinguish it from the albedo feature.

  • Note - this Add-on requires the Mars Add-on for World Wind to be installed.
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