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Developer Lucian Plesea
Latest release / 2006-10-10
License Public Domain
Web site

From the same server as OnEarth, high resolution Mars.


[edit] Installation and usage

Download the config file from OnMars.xml, drop it in Config/Mars in the World Wind directory, or use this installer, start Mars from the File menu then look under the OnMars folder in the Layer Manager.


There should be an MOC_NA layer, select that and zoom in (a lot). It is a sparse but very high resolution Mars mosaic.


[edit] Info

Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Observer Camera Narrow Angle (MOC_NA) composite. A 0.5 arc-second composite of more than 50,000 high resolution images of Mars, located between 75N and 75S. It is an uncontrolled mosaic, the images are placed on the global frame based on the best known location, using a simple warp. Location errors are common, but it does match MDIM and MOLA rather well. The mosaic contains more than 300GB of raw image data, and images are still being released, so this layer will be updated if possible.

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