Planimetric Measure Tool Plug-in

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Planimetric Measure Tool Plug-in
Planimetric Measure Tool
Planimetric Measure Tool
Developer Bjorn Reppen aka "Mashi" and Tisham Dhar aka "What_nick"
Latest release 1.0 / 2005-07-15
License Public Domain
Web site

On the day 1.3 was going to be released, the code was freezed, I was tired of bug-fixing and needed to relax, I hacked together this simple measure tool. It became an easter egg in World Wind v1.3.1 ('M' key). In 1.3.2 it was removed and was supposed to be replaced with a new improved tool, but the new code didn't make it in time, leaving World Wind without a measure tool. So I decided to make the code for the original tool available as a plug-in for those of you who might need to measure distances/bearings on the globe.

[edit] Current Status

Since then things have changed slightly. In 1.3.5 the measuretool has some enhancements from the code that was left out including measurement in polyline mode and ability to save this vector to a KML Polygon or an ESRI Shapefile for further work. This plugin is now internally built.

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