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Wikipedia Add-On
Wikipedia Add-On

The Wikipedia layer consists of hotspots with click-through links to relevant Wikipedia articles.

The current version is a snapshot from March 4, 2005, with 572 points.

Demo images:

Links to geographical coordinates is a new thing in Wikipedia, so the availability of points is as of yet pretty sparse in most areas.

Installers are available:

For a guide on how to add coordinates to other Wikipedia articles, see the style guide for geographical coordinates.

See also WikiProject Geographical coordinates.

Feedback to: egil at

[edit] Developments

This is really a proof-of-concept at the time being.

Some things to consider:

  • The hotspots really need to be categorized. Especially true the more points there are.
  • The map scale from Wikipedia probably should be reflected in visibility-from-altitude.
  • The number of points from Wikipedia will soon reach several thousands. Perhaps the XML format is not suitable?
  • Various things in the XML has just been inherited from other layes, and probably needs to be looked at.
  • Is it possible to have a text appear in addition to the icon for the hotspot?
  • I'm sure there are efficiency issues.
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