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[edit] World Wind Documentation: User Guide, Code Documentation, and Content Developers Guide

[edit] User Guide (Wiki in progress?)

[edit] Code Documentation

[edit] Content Developers Guide (How to�)

  • A. Use Plug-In Architecture
  • B. Use XML Add-Ons
  • C. Add 'Surface Data� that mates with elevation
    • i. Landsat
    • ii. Aerial Photography
  • D. Add 'Elevation Data� (higher resolution elevation)
  • E. Add Layers (Above Surface)
    • i. Animation Control: Layers need a time control element to allow successive layers to be animated
    • ii. Layer Description: text description with on/off toggle (moveable box)
    • iii. Layer Legend: legend with on/off toggle (moveable box).
    • iv. Layer Terrain Synch: follows adjustable height above terrain, sensitive to vertical exaggeration setting (WMS, ESRI Shapefiles, etc.)
      1. Biology: flora and fauna; vegetation type, i.e., agricultural crops, native species, etc.; endangered species; species distribution, etc.
      2. Geology: surface rock or sediment type; depositional environments; earthquake data; World Bathymetric data (MBARI data);
      3. Related Annotation Layer turned on and off
      4. Zero height above terrain would mate the layer to the terrain.
    • v. Layer Absolute Synch: follows constant but adjustable height above sea level (WMS, ESRI Shapefiles, etc.)
      1. Contours for Biosphere/Atmosphere: temperature, barometric pressure, precipitation, plate tectonics, ozone, etc.
      2. Demographic Data (incidence of cancer, voting patterns, etc.)
      3. Related Annotation Layer turned on and off
  • F. Processing Imagery, i.e., Landsat (use �edu� FTP downloaded images for example):
    • i. Technique for color balancing images
    • ii. Technique for mosaicking images
      1. �Perforating edge with transparency for overlap stitch
    • iii. Structure of tiling scheme
      1. Pyramid scheme
    • iv. Technique for slicing and dicing larger mosaicked image into smaller tiles
    • v. Advice for applying tiles to World Wind
      1. Packaging, installation, XML file management
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