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Lens Flare Plugin
Mount St-Helens and Adams, WA, US
Mount St-Helens and Adams, WA, US
Developer Stephan Mantler / Patrick Murris
Latest release 1.2 / April, 2007
License public domain
Web site Download


[edit] Summary

This plug-in adds a simple lens flare effect to World Wind. A dialog (found in the plugins menu) allows changing presets from 'simple soft' to 'outrageously bold'.

[edit] Install

Unzip the file in your 'Program Files/NASA/World Wind 1.4/Plugins' directory. That should create a new plug-in folder named LensFlare.

Start WW and go to Plug-ins/Load-Unload. Load Lens Flare. Zip around the globe until you can see the sun, and enjoy the flare.

[edit] Known Issues

  • Doesn't work with World Wind 1.3.
  • The sun visibility code sometimes gets confused and hides flares even though the sun should be clearly visible.
  • Works best with Atmospheric Scattering and/or Sun Shading enabled - this plug-in only draws the flares, not the original light source!

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