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[edit] Enhancing trail performance

13:07:01 < nhv> my guess is the biggest improvement would be to store the line at various LODs thinned appropriately with a Douglas-Peucker algorithm

13:07:51 < nhv> Level of Detail

13:08:18 < nhv> i.e. no need to have points every 100 meters when you are at level 1

Just as a reminder...outputs from clever algorithms like this are generally not helpful for persistant data storage and transfering between computers. In general, having to use metadata to describe 'real' data can take up more space than the 'real' data itself. That being said, this particular algorithm could help speed up rendering so long as the processing time for it is small. The 'demo' of the algorithm uses a boundary line as an example, which could possibly be applied to World Wind. I'm not sure about terrain rendering/storage though. -- CM

Perf Tips from the Performance Guy at MS [1]

  • Footprint Issues
    • Placenames
      • Size (installer)
      • Filtering by N (what does in need to be?)
      • Fixing overlap (does no good if you cant read them)
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