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[edit] Add-on consistency

Mazop, I'm trying to create consistnency with regard to the layout of the add-ons listed within the wiki. I see that you have reverted a few of my changes. I was wondering if this action is intended to promote inconsistency or for some other reason? By making the images thumbs you allow people to upload full size screenshots, but still have the layout the same for the add-ons. If I make them consistent again will you revert again? --Nosilleg 12:52, 12 Jun 2005 (GMT)

>> hey nosilleg! sorry for that. i just checked all my addon-posts because i wanted to make sure, that they point to the addonlist on my server.....and by doing that, i saw, that the 'layout' isn't the same for all my addons. so i changed them in the way, that all my posts look same. but anyway, just the pointing to my own server for downloading the addons is important to me.....

Cool. I'll change them to thumbnails again. (at some point) And yeah, all of yours weren't the same due to my slackness. I should really do them all at the same time instead of just doing them when they hit my radar at Special:Recentchanges. --Nosilleg 14:31, 13 Jun 2005 (GMT)
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