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[edit] WMS servers

By adding the following text block to the end of %world wind install folder%\Config\Earth\Tools\wms_server_list.xml file before the </WMS_SERVER_LIST> tag you can get access to additional WMS servers.

		<Name>JPL World Map Service</Name>
		<Abstract>WMS Server maintained by JPL, worldwide satellite imagery.</Abstract>
		<Name>Delaware 2002 Aerial Imagery WMS Service</Name>
		<Abstract>Delaware 2002 Aerial Imagery</Abstract>
		<Name>Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management, British Columbia, Canada</Name>
		<Abstract>British Columbia data</Abstract>
		<Name>GMS Remote Sensing Image Server</Name>
		<Abstract>GMS Landsat 5 Image</Abstract>

[edit] Additional lists

[edit] Set up your own server

It is relatively easy to set up a WMS server, so that you and others can view the data through WorldWind (and indeed a variety of other applications). GeoServer is very easy to set up and configure, while MapServer currently has the best performance.

[edit] WMS request format

A URL may look like this:


and split into parameters togther with corresponding xml tag:

http://wms.jpl.nasa.gov/wms.cgi <ServerGetMapUrl>
?request=GetMap no tag there is nothing else World Wind will do
&layers=global_mosaic_base <WMSLayerName>
&srs=EPSG:4326 no tag World Wind only supports EPSG:4326
&width=600 <TextureSizePixels>
&height=600 <TextureSizePixels>
&bbox=-5,45,5,55 <BoundingBox> and <North> and .....
&format=image/jpeg <ImageFileExtension> and <ImageFormat>
&version=1.1.0 <Version>
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