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This page has been created for the discussion of Redundant Data sources, more specifically: Being able to limit the users of a server through CIDR prefix lists.

Relates to issue WW-172.

[edit] Proposal

This is a VERY important issue for providers being willing to throw server space at the project, as this enables them to allow us to use their resources very, very cheaply.

ISP's engage in an activity called peering with other ISP's. Peering is a mutual agreement between ISP's to exchange traffic for free or at a significantly reduced rate. The catch is the traffic is only destined for THAT ISP's network. Traffic that is destined for locations OUTside ISP A's or any of their direct peer's networks has to go over what is called Transit bandwidth (Normal internet connection, purchased bandwidth).

This feature would allow ISP's to limit the traffic that is entering / leaving their server to Their peers only.

I have realized that it may be able to let the ISP's deal with this feature, as they can set it so that the IP of the server they're using is not announced globally (it isnt announced on the internet, so internet routers dont know how to get it), but it is only announced to their peers (IE, it would return a No route to host message outside of the peering).

Also, their are several ISP's that Participate in Internet Exchanges (IX), which are basically just large peering interconnects between ISPs (Which cost minimal fees for ports).

This also gives us an "In" at different ISP's so if we need to or see a use for it, we can attempt to ask for some publicly accessible bandwidth (IE, if we get a mirror that is in a geographically diverse part of the world that we dont have yet).

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