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BrinkX Add-On
BrinkX add-on
BrinkX add-on
Developer TomServo
Latest release 1.0 / April, 2007
License Shareware
Web site Add-on website


[edit] Introduction

The Brink Innovative Education project will provide the opportunity for students to learn from other cultures, promoting an understanding of, and a fascination for the complex world around them. As well, the Brink Expedition will encourage an awareness of, and a respect for the natural environment, while emphasizing the students' role as active global citizens.

[edit] Description

BrinkX is a cross-globe bicyling expedition for an Australian named Kendon Glass. He has been on this trip for a few years now and is getting ever so much closer to home. This add-on for World Wind charts his progress and his prior points of interest.

This add-on will be updated as I get more GPS location points from Kendon. I currently have up to the middle of the Mediterranean mapped out, and he is in Cambodia now.. so I am still missing a few thousand miles of track points :) Almost every point on the globe is clickable and links to a related journal entry (if I knew the correct one to link to).

[edit] Installation

To install, just unzip the file and copy the two folders (Add-ons and Config) into your World Wind folder (Typically c:\Program Files\NASA\World Wind\) and then start World Wind and enjoy.

[edit] Links

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