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Darwin Imagery Add-on
Darwin, Australia, 2m per pixel
Darwin, Australia, 2m per pixel
Developer Bull_[UK] / What_nick
Latest release 1.1 / April, 2007
License Public Domain
Web site JAXA



Thi Add-on shows Darwin, Australia in high resolution (2m/px). The data in this add-on was obtained from JAXA then processed by Tisham Dhar and Daniel Baker to produce a World Wind Add-on.


  • Using the self installing exe -
    • Double click 'WorldWind_1.4_Darwin_imagery_1.1.exe' and follow the on-screen prompts.
    • When the installer has completed you are ready to run World Wind.


  • Load World Wind then zoom into Darwin to view the new imagery, you can also click here or click the 'Darwin Imagery' entry in the Layer Manager.



There is a bug in World Wind 1.4 where clicking a layer name which opens the internal browser gives the following message box

just click 'OK' and World Wind will continue normally.

This was a debug message inadvertently left in 1.4 and does not have any adverse effects.


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