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Current revision

EROS Ortho Imagery "Complete"
EROS Ortho Imagery add-on
EROS Ortho Imagery add-on
Developer Chad Zimmerman (Tom Servo)
Latest release 1.5.1 / 2005-07-19
License undefined
Web site

Even though Terraserver supplies the USGS Urban Area imagery for WW, it is not up to date and sufferes from outages. Bassed on the beginnings from thread, I have built a complete add-on that has all the current Urban Areas in it and also has the markers so you can find the cities easier.

Progressland has been busy making a couple of tweaks and here they are:

1) Changed the names for each layer, so the area is first, rather than the date.

2) Added the locator icon for each layer...rebuilt it from the ground up

3) Made the bounding boxes match the coordinates given in the WMS Capabilities file

The first one WILL affect your cache. The root folder's will have a different name. All you need to do is copy out of the old and into the new is all.

Ok, another update... I changed the numlevels to 13.. that should bring in ALL the images layers. Also, found an error in the install location in the last installer. So this one also fixes that.

Update: 7/19/2005 - Updated the XML file to include New York City from March 2003 at .75meter resolution.

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