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Mogadishu Refugee Migration Add-On
Mogadishu Refugee Migration add-on
Mogadishu Refugee Migration add-on
Developer TomServo
Latest release 1.0 / 2007-04-19
License Shareware
Web site Add-on website

[edit] Description

This add-on is based on data gathered from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and shows the number and types of people that have migrated away from the conflicts in Mogadishu. The locations people have moved to are identified by the red circles, larger red circles indicate over 10,000 displaced people.

The lines from Mogadishu show people that have gone to one location then moved on to another location. Locations with no lines can be presumed to be direct migrations from Mogadishu. The numbers are gathered by aid groups in the region and are from March 2007.

[edit] Installation

To install, just unzip the file and copy the two folders (Add-ons and Config) into your World Wind folder (Typically c:\Program Files\NASA\World Wind\) and then start World Wind and enjoy.

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