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Developer Pangloss
Latest release 1.2 / 2008-05-29
License Free for non-commercial use
Web site PanglossTech Home

This addon includes Saturn, Patrick Murris's PlanetaryRings plugin, moons, feature names, and some physical properties of the rings.


Version 1.1

This version updates the Saturn addon with newer Cassini imagery of the moons. It also includes the Planetary Rings plugin for World Wind 1.4.
If you have already installed Saturn 1.0, just download the update.

Note: There is a known problem with the Ring Labels in World Wind 1.4.

Version 1.2

Updated with new images and newly named surface features on several moons. The Ring Labels layer requires that vertical exaggeration be set to 1.0x. Since there isn't any elevation data for this system, that shouldn't cause any problems.


To view Saturn either double click the World Wind Saturn desktop icon or select Saturn in World Winds File menu.

Currently the additional ring data consists of:

  • Schematic ring diagram
  • Ring Temperature
  • Radio wave transmittance
  • A-Ring Particle Size
  • A-Ring Composition

These are activated by selecting the appropriate ring map in the PlanetaryRings cofiguration in Layer Manger (right-click PlanetaryRings and select properties, then choose the desired ring texture). Legends for these are turned on in 'Ring Legends' in Layer Manager.


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