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Tour de France
Tour de France 2006
Tour de France 2006
Developer m_k
Latest release 3.0 / 2007-06-21
License CC Sharealike license
Web site Add-on website

These 3 add-ons show all stages of 2007, 2006 and 2005 Tour de France. Move your mouse cursor over the icons to show information about departure and arrival town, day and distance of every stage.

TdF 2007 add-on

  • includes track profiles
  • icons link to the official TdF site with detailed information about every stage

Note: turn off the sun shading (Shift-S or via View menu) to see the track clearly

TdF 2007 - London prolog (July 7)
TdF 2007 - London prolog (July 7)
TdF 2007 - all stages
TdF 2007 - all stages

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