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-===External links (examples, documentation, etc.)=== 
-*[ HelloWorldWindJavaSDK at the Netbeans wiki] 
-*[ WorldWind Java 0.2 SDK Javadocs] 
-*[ More on NASA World Wind and NetBeans IDE] 
-*[ Worldwind Java - Jython example] 
-*[ NASA WorldWind on JRuby] 
-*[ WorldWind and Groovy] 
-*[ Using NASA's World Wind Component in Your Java Technology] 
-*[;action=display;num=1179257434 Processing Example] 
-*[ Adding Polylines in World Wind Java SDK] 
-*Patrick Murris blog: (Note that many of these articles date back to the early weeks following the may 2007 release of WWJ. Some of the presented code may not be valid anymore, other examples have been integrated in the SDK). 
-**[ Adding renderable layers to WWJava - Stars] - included in WWJ. 
-**[ Loading tiled image layers from a WW XML] 
-**[ Loading icons from a WW XML] 
-**[ Loading WW Pathlists into WWJ] 
-**[ Adding single image layers to WWJ] - included in WWJ. 
-**[ Loading WW layersets structure into WWJ] 
-**[ Adding a simple scalebar to WWJ] - included in WWJ. 
-**[ Growing box like structures inside WWJ] 
-**[ Adding a simple world map overlay to WWJ] - included in WWJ. 
-**[ Adding a blue sky background to WWJ] - included in WWJ. 
-**[ Adding a touch of fog to WWJ] - included in WWJ. 
-**[ Picking at objects in WWJ] 
-**[ Saving a WWJ layer tiles composite] 
-**[ Sky gradient and atmosphere for WWJ] - included in WWJ. 
-**[ 3D stereo anaglyph view in WWJ] - included in WWJ. 
-**[ Text and messages translation in WWJ]. 
-**[ Real time terrain cross section in WWJ] - included in WWJ. 
-**[ A couple tricks to speed up WWJ] 
-**[ Full Mars and Moon globes for WWJ] - to be included in WWJ. 
-**[ WWJ Look around view example] - to be included in WWJ. 
-* The Baloon Project blog - Antonio Santiago 
-**[ WWJ LayerSet] ([ Updated]) 
-**[ WWJ Temporality] ([ Updated]) 
-**[ WWJ Layers opacity] 
-**[ WWJ The needle of the compass] 
-**[ WWJ and remote SurfaceImage] ([ Updated]) ([ Updated with reload method]) 
-*Denis Laprise web log 
-**[ displaying shapefiles in wwjava] 
-**[ translucent shapes in wwjava] 
-**[ wwjava in fullscreen] 
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