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** Legacy Code (adamhill) ** Legacy Code (adamhill)
** New code (adamhill) ** New code (adamhill)
 +** User Doc (TomServo)
* Ways to get more OS help * Ways to get more OS help

Revision as of 16:35, 29 April 2005

Meeting will be on Friday, April 29, at 20:00 UTC (1 p.m. PDT, 4 p.m. EDT) (UTC time converter)

Meeting will be held in #worldwind-meeting. Forum-wide announcement has been posted. No idea how many people will turn up, but I've set most of the "important people" to have Op flags so if needed we can set +m and control things. - Beanie.

Agenda Topics: Please, have your name after the agenda topic so we know who posted what.

PART 1 - Administrative / Policies / Procedures (45 minutes)

  • Roadmaps / Ideal Release Dates (TomServo)
    • 1.3.2
    • 1.3.3
    • 1.3.4
    • 1.4
  • Bugs
    • ones that NEED fixing ASAP (TomServo)
  • Image Suppliers
    • Ways to entice them to open up some of their imagery (TomServo)
    • Could NLT create some documentation on setting up a WW compatible server, with example scripts etc. (Bull)
    • "Creation" of an 'Image/Data Master' for Image Supplies to contact? See this forum posting (TomServo)
  • Documentation
    • Legacy Code (adamhill)
    • New code (adamhill)
    • User Doc (TomServo)
  • Ways to get more OS help
    • There has been a lot of constructive criticism on the forums of the new NLT data set, but nobody has offered to help with the 15m set. (Bull)

PART 2 - Technical Discussions (45 minutes)

  • WMS/SVS Issues (TomServo)
    • 1.1.x compatability (TomServo)
  • Terrain Data
    • How to best fix terrain data errors (Rich Signell)
    • Status of new World Wind terrain engine (Rich Signell)
  • CVS Issues
    • Broken code in HEAD (TomServo)
    • Version splits (TomServo)
    • Other (TomServo)
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