Community Meeting 2005-06-10

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Meeting will be on Friday, 10 June 2005 at 6:30PM UTC/GMT (local time) in IRC channel #worldwind-meeting

Agenda Topics:

  1. Locking down scripts, is it possible? Will we have to call in the MS guns? (adam)
  2. When is the educational conference NLT is presenting at and how can we help? (adam)
  3. The grant that NLT is sharing in, can we use the results to plan future directions, can we get some feedback from the participants? (whats the time frame) (adam)
  4. Ways to geographically distribute data. Matt has secured people that will mirror data, but dont let PHP/Perl/CGI run. What do we need to do on the app side to facilitate this, and what is the best strategy for mirroring? (adam)
  5. 1.3.2 - What is left to do? Will there be another version before Chris is ready? (adam)
  6. How relevant is Notes for 1.3.2 work? Can we purge bits/all? (nosilleg)
  7. Is Hardcoded Stuff TOFIX still applicable? Does WW-156 relate to it? (nosilleg)
  8. What's happening with NLT Data Issues? How are changes propogated to Terraserver/Other mirrors? (nosilleg)
  9. New meeting time - 1130PDT == 0430AEST == 0630 NZST == TOO EARLY to be up on a Saturday morning. (spacechicken)
  10. Any progress in making worldwind more accessable to other WMS servers? (aussiemac)
  11. Walkthrough is complete META-27 and uploaded. Should we move into WW-137 soon? (I did take notes on what you said dpatton) (TomServo)
    • Walkthrough included in installer or open a url to where it is? (TomServo)
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