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This text describes how to retrieve, compile and run the World Wind (V1.3 as of this writing) source code from SourceForge.

It assumes you've already got CVS access working - this page describes setting up anonymous CVS access.

For read-write CVS access, check out these instructions.

Note that you'll end up with two seperate WorldWind installations: 1.2e retail, and the current version with the source code, with its binaries in \bin\Debug

In the following, <CVS> refers to your CVS working directory or sandbox.

  • Retrieve the source code tree from CVS as a clean update into an empty sandbox.
  • Open <cvs>\WorldWind\WorldWindow.sln and compile it.
  • Open <cvs>\WorldWind\WorldWind.sln and compile it.
  • Either:
  • Uninstall any older "retail" copy of WorldWind 1.2. (Skip if you haven't got it installed yet)
  • Download and install World Wind 1.2e full (or the latest available retail version)
  • Or:
  • In <CVS>\WorldWind\bin\Debug create a directory "Earth"
  • From the \Data directory of the "retail" install (usually C:\Program Files\NASA\WorldWind v<version>\Data) copy the following directories to the newly

created "Earth":

  • In Visual Studio, open <CVS>\WorldWind\v1_3QuadTileDirectoryFixer\v1_3QuadTileDirectoryFixer.sln, compile, and run it.
  • QuadTileDirectoryFixer will ask for a directory - point it to <CVS>\WorldWind\bin\Debug\Data\Earth\BlueMarbleTextures and press "Fix".
  • Launch <CVS>\WorldWind\bin\Debug\WorldWind.exe - good luck!

(gillesk, 05-feb-05)

To build from the command line.

  • Launch the 'Visual Studio .NET 2003 Command Prompt' (under Start / Programs / Visual Studio .NET / Visual Studio .NET Tools)
  • CD to the WorldWind source root.
  • Run 'Devenv.exe WorldWindow.sln /build Debug' and 'Devenv.exe WorldWind.sln /build Debug'

(Replace 'Debug' with 'Release' as desired)

(adamhill 17-feb-05)

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