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DirectX for Managed Code Requirements:

  • Developing managed applications with this DirectX SDK release requires Visual Studio.NET 2003 and .NET Runtime 1.1
  • Distributing the DirectX for Managed Code Update. There are several ways to redistribute DirectX for Managed Code:
  1. Install both DirectX9.0c and DirectX for Managed Code: Install the DirectX 9.0c Runtime using the command DXSETUP.EXE /InstallManagedDirectX. This will extract MDXREDIST.MSI from the ManagedDX.CAB file and install the DirectX 9.0c runtime along with DirectX for Managed Code with minimal user interaction.
  2. Install just DirectX for managed Code: Extract the MDXREDIST.MSI from the ManagedDX.cab file and use one of the following options:
  • Launch MDXREDIST.MSI directly, this will display a License Agreement and install the package with full user interaction, including a Setup completed dialog.
  • Launch MDXREDIST.MSI with a command line for Windows Installer. i.e. msiexec.exe /i mdxredist.msi. Additional parameters for msiexec.exe are documented in the Windows Installer SDK, available at the Microsoft MSDN website, in the Microsoft Platform SDK. These other parameters allow you to control the level of user interaction, and what else is displayed.
  • Use the MsiInstallProduct() API also documented in the Windows Installer SDK. The MsiInstallProduct function displays the user interface with the current settings and log mode. You can change user interface settings with the MsiSetInternalUI and MsiSetExternalUI functions. You can set the log mode with the MsiEnableLog function.

If the .NET Framework v.1.1 and DirectX 9.0 are not previously installed, the MDXREDIST.MSI will display an appropriate message and DirectX for Managed Code will not be installed.

To remove the installation, you may launch the installer again, or run the command msiexec.exe /x mdxredist.msi.

strCpy $1 "$WINDIR\Microsoft.NET\Managed DirectX" ifFileExists $WINDIR\Microsoft.NET\Managed DirectX nothing install_msi install_msi: open msiexec.exe /i Feb2005_MDX_x86.msi Need to check into silent installs with msiexec.exe and what we can do there to make it easiest on users.

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