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==World Wind Development== ==World Wind Development==
 +===Bug List for Release===
 +*[[World Wind 1.3.6 - 1.4 Bug List For Release]]
===General=== ===General===
*[[Road Map]] *[[Road Map]]
-*[[Source Code]]+*[[Source code]]
*[[Source Code Documentation]] *[[Source Code Documentation]]
*[[World Wind Issues|Issue Tracker]] *[[World Wind Issues|Issue Tracker]]
-*[ CIA] - recent checkins+*[ CIA] - recent checkins
*[ nasa-exp-checkins] - verbose recent checkins *[ nasa-exp-checkins] - verbose recent checkins
===World Wind 1.3 Development=== ===World Wind 1.3 Development===
 +*[ Test Builds] - Recent builds of World Wind
*[ JIRA Issue Road Map] *[ JIRA Issue Road Map]
*[ Issues with patches waiting] *[ Issues with patches waiting]
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===World Wind 1.5 Development=== ===World Wind 1.5 Development===
-*[ Test Builds] - Recent builds of World Wind+*SVN URL although it is unclear if this branch is still in active use.
==Installer== ==Installer==
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*[[Placename Errors]] *[[Placename Errors]]
*[[Xml_Format]] *[[Xml_Format]]
 +*[[Effects and Multitexturing]]
*[[Download Statistics for World Wind]] *[[Download Statistics for World Wind]]
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*[ #worldwind] - chat archive *[ #worldwind] - chat archive
*[ #worldwind-dev] - chat archive *[ #worldwind-dev] - chat archive
- +*there are also a number of [[feeds]] available
-The following [ OPML] file contains several [ feeds] that will help keep you up to date. You can use programs like [ FeedDemon] or [ Google Reader] to access the feeds.+
- +
-*[ World_Wind.opml]+
- +
-Individual feeds:+
-*[ DDH's World Wind Stuff]+
-*[ NWW - Announcements Forum]+
-*[ NWW - Issues]+
-*[ NWW - Project File Releases:]+
-*[ World Wind blog]+
-*[ World Wind add-ons blog]+
-*[ World Wind hotspots]+
-*[ World Wind Wiki - recent changes]+
[[Category:Dev]] [[Category:Dev]]

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[edit] General

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[edit] Bug List for Release

[edit] General

[edit] World Wind 1.3 Development

[edit] World Wind 1.5 Development

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[edit] Staying up to date

There's a lot going on with World Wind. Here is a collection of links from around the wiki you'll need to stay current with what's going on.

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