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== Educational Resources == == Educational Resources ==
-*[ Add-Ons for Education]. +*[ Add-Ons for Education].
 +=== World Wind Powerpoint Presentations ===
 +*[ Introduction to World Wind]. Presentation from [ Earth is Square]. used with 5th graders to introduce World Wind.
 +*[ Using World Wind]. Presentation from [ Earth is Square]. designed as a handout for students to show the most commen functions of World Wind.
 +*[ NASA World Wind]. Presentation from [ World Wind Classroom] designed for faculty inservice or introduction. Note that presentation is old (based on WW 1.2) and very large (2 MB)
== See Also == == See Also ==

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The World Wind Education Page is intended to be a source of information and ideas of using NASA World Wind in the K-12 or University classroom. This page will contain links to Curriculum that Uses World Wind, Tips and ideas of how to use World Wind in the classroom and World Wind resources that are particularly suited for the educational setting. The World Wind Walkthrough Tutorial will give you a brief introduction to the program and it capabilities.


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