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-The '''[ World Wind Forums]''' are community discussion areas. There are three divisions of subjects: support, community and development. 
-===[ Announcements & News]=== 
-Important World Wind news. 
-===[ Frequently Asked Questions & How-To's]=== 
-Read this before posting to the forums. 
-===[ Technical Support]=== 
-Use this forum to get technical help with World Wind. Before posting in this forum you should check the [[World Wind FAQ|FAQ]] and search the forum to make sure it hasn't already been answered. 
-===[ Bug Reports]=== 
-If you think you've found a bug check the [[World Wind Issues|issue tracker]] to make sure it's not a known issue. If you can't find it in the issue tracker, you can discuss it in this forum. Once it is verified as a bug and you want it fixed, you can submit it to the [[World Wind Issues|issue tracker]]. 
-===[ World Wind General]=== 
-General World Wind discussions.  
-===[ Hotspots]=== 
-Places, landmarks, MODIS and SVS imagery, and other points of interest. 
-===[ Add-ons & Scripts]=== 
-Find add-ons, scripts, and utilities for World Wind. 
-===[ Educators & Power Users]=== 
-World Wind in the classroom; advanced usage and getting under the hood with World Wind. 
-===[ GIS Discussion]=== 
-Talk about geographic information systems. 
-===[ Community Chat]=== 
-Chat about topics not related to World Wind. 
-===[ Developers' Corner]=== 
-World Wind development. 
-===[ Add-on & Script Development]=== 
-Creating add-ons and scripts for World Wind. 
-===[ Image Serving & Web Mapping Service]=== 
-WMS servers; developing and serving World Wind content. 
-===[ Ports]=== 
-Porting World Wind to different platforms. Also check the [[:Category:Porting|Porting]] wiki pages. 
-[[Category:For End Users]] 

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