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The World Wind Forums are community discussion areas. There are three divisions of subjects: support, community and development.


Announcements & News

Important World Wind news.

Frequently Asked Questions & How-To's

Read this before posting to the forums.

Technical Support

Use this forum to get technical help with World Wind. Before posting in this forum you should check the FAQ and search the forum to make sure it hasn't already been answered.

Bug Reports

If you think you've found a bug check the issue tracker to make sure it's not a known issue. If you can't find it in the issue tracker, you can discuss it in this forum. Once it is verified as a bug and you want it fixed, you can submit it to the issue tracker.

Suggestion Box

Suggestions for World Wind features and improvements.


World Wind General

General World Wind discussions.


Places, landmarks, MODIS and SVS imagery, and other points of interest.

Add-ons & Scripts

Find add-ons, scripts, and utilities for World Wind.

Power Users & Educators

World Wind advanced usage. World Wind in education.

Community Chat

Chat about topics not related to World Wind.


Developers' Corner

World Wind development.


Discuss the latest World Wind test builds.

Add-on & Script Development

Creating add-ons and scripts for World Wind.

Image Serving & GIS

Developing and serving World Wind content; other GIS issues.


Porting World Wind to different platforms. Also check the Porting wiki pages.

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