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Hotspots are points of interest that are viewable from within World Wind.


[edit] Viewing hotspots

There are several ways to view hotspots. While in the hotspot section of World Wind Central there is a list of categories in the left column, with the number of hotspots in that category in parentheses. If you select a category you will see a list of hotspots in that category. You can also select the category or user from an individual hotspot to see those lists.


It is also possible to sort the lists. This is currently a manual process by editing the URL. By adding &sort= followed by a number you can change the order in which the list is sorted. A postive number will sort ascending, and negative number will sort descending.


  1. sort by title
  2. sort by id
  3. sort by number of views
  4. sort by user
  5. sort by category

[edit] Add a hotspot

Save Screenshot
Save Screenshot

Once you have found something of interest in World Wind you will need to save a screenshot for the hotspot. To do this, simply choose Save Screenshot from the File menu. Choose a location to save the file and make sure you save as JPEG (*.jpg). WWC does not accept any other file format.

You must be logged in to add a hotspot. Once you are logged in you'll see a link for Add Hotspot under the hotspot navigation box in the left column.

You can have any Title, Comment and Keywords of your choosing, however the Latitude, Longitude and Altitude values must correspond to the values in World Wind. You can get these values by selecting Position Information from the toolbar, which will show your location in the right-upper corner of the screen. You can also select Edit then Copy Coordinates, which you can then paste into the correct fields.

Select the screenshot that you saved from World Wind in the Image field.

The default World Wind layers are listed as options for Layer. If you are not using one of the default layers, such as an add-on, then select other.

Select an appropriate Category and hit the Add Hotspot button. If there are any problems with the informationt that you entered you will get the oppertunity to correct them, otherwise your hotspot will be added to the site.

[edit] Hotspot statistics

Simple hotspot statistics are available. These list the top users and top hotspots. A prettier list of the Top 10 hotspots is also available.

[edit] Hotspot add-on

WWC Hotspots is an add-ons that makes all the hotspots available in World Wind at once. The different categories can be turned on or off using the Layer Manager.

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