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There are several ways that you can Contribute to the World Wind project. As you contribute you'll probably want to get in contact with other contributors. There are three ways that the contributors communicate: Forums, Chat and Mailing Lists.


Working with Code

If you like working with Source Code you can contribute to the development of World Wind or create add-ons.

Helpful links:

Working with Words

If you prefer the written word, there is a lot you can contribute to this wiki. Some areas that need focus are getting the World Wind Users Document, World Wind Walkthrough Tutorial, and Glossary complete.

People who speak a language other than English can help with Translating the installer.

Helpful link:

Working with People

If you like dealing with people then you can help contribute by reading and responding to the Forums and the Chat. Every question that you answer saves NASA staff time.

Grunt Work

There are a lot of bugs and feature requests that need to be moved into the issue tracker. Check World Wind Issue Tracker for more information.

Help is required in locating non-USA data sources. If you can track down where these are stored, and any licensing / copyright problems it will give the developers a leg up and speed up the process of integrating non-USA data.

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