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The keyboard actions allow you to control World Wind.


Key chart
Key chart
Action key 1 key 2 key 3
Pan Up Numpad 8 Up U
Pan Down Numpad 2 Down J
Pan Left Numpad 4 Left H
Pan Right Numpad 6 Right K
Rotate clockwise A
Rotate counter-clockwise D
Reset Rotation Numpad 5 Space
Tilt Down W
Tilt Up S
Zoom In Numpad 7 Home OemPipe
Zoom Out Numpad 1 End Enter
FOV Increase -
FOV Decrease +
Toggle Constant Motion F11
Toggle Point goto F12
Toolbar Ctrl+T
Lat/Lon lines F7
Planet Axis F8
Crosshairs F9 Alt+C
Position F10
Wireframe Ctrl+W
Diagnostic Info Ctrl+D
Layer manager L
Measure tool M
Path maker P
Place Builder V
Place Finder F6 Ctrl+F G
Modis F2
Download monitor Ctrl+H
World Settings Alt+W
Vertical Exaggeration
0x 0
1x 1
2x 2
3x 3
4x 4
5x 5
6x 6
7x 7
8x 8
9x 9
Always on top Alt+A
Close Alt+F4
Full-screen Alt+Enter
End Full-screen Escape
Refresh view F5
Edit Copy Ctrl+C Ctrl+Insert
Edit Paste Ctrl+V Shift+Insert
Save Screenshot Ctrl+S
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