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Lens Flare Plugin
Mount St-Helens and Adams, WA, US
Mount St-Helens and Adams, WA, US
Developer Stephan Mantler / Patrick Murris
Latest release 1.2 / April, 2007
License public domain
Web site Download



This plug-in adds a simple lens flare effect to World Wind. A dialog (found in the plugins menu) allows changing presets from 'simple soft' to 'outrageously bold'. The choice of Halloween Contacts Lenses costume additions are varied online


Unzip the file in your 'Program Files/NASA/World Wind 1.4/Plugins' directory. That should create a new plug-in folder named LensFlare.

Start WW and go to Plug-ins/Load-Unload. Load Lens Flare. Zip around the globe until you can see the sun, and enjoy the flare.

Known Issues

  • Doesn't work with World Wind 1.3.
  • The sun visibility code sometimes gets confused and hides flares even though the sun should be clearly visible.
  • Works best with Atmospheric Scattering and/or Sun Shading enabled - this plug-in only draws the flares, not the original light source!


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