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==Porting Languages== ==Porting Languages==
 +===Main Code===
 +[ Axiom] (C# Version of Ogre++)<br>
 +[ osgPlanet]<br>
 +[ Realm Forge], [ Wiki]
 +===3D Engines===
 +[ Irrlicht] (C#)
==Port Developers (Please Give Contact Information)== ==Port Developers (Please Give Contact Information)==

Revision as of 23:58, 5 May 2005

Okay, here is where people can list the languages they're going to use for the port and sign up to help out.


Porting Languages

Main Code

Axiom (C# Version of Ogre++)
Realm Forge, Wiki

3D Engines

Irrlicht (C#)

Port Developers (Please Give Contact Information)

Port Status

May 5, 2005

Site started.


Porting Issues
Port Discussion

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