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===May 5, 2005=== ===May 5, 2005===
Site started. Site started.
 +==Port TODO==
 +*Determine what needs altered
 +*Decide on 3D engine
 +*Implement changes
==Links== ==Links==
*[[Porting WW | Porting Issues]] *[[Porting WW | Porting Issues]]
*[ Port Discussion] *[ Port Discussion]

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Okay, here is where people can list the languages they're going to use for the port and sign up to help out.


Porting Languages and Engines

3D Engines


  • C# Version of Ogre++
  • rendering engine only
  • LGPL

Realm Forge, Wiki

  • LGPL
  • is a framework,
    • rendering engine (Axiom)
    • management of scripts, effects, audio, AI, physics, meshes, etc.


  • C#
  • zlib license




  • .NET
    • C# (current language NWW is in)
    • VB.NET
    • Managed C++
  • VM's for above languages (C# is the most supported language)
    • MS CLR (currently 1.1, v2.0 in open beta)
    • Mono (currently 1.1.7 and compiling ~80% of the code)
    • GNU Portable .NET
    • Rotor (MS's Shared Source initiative for education)
  • Not .NET
    • C
    • C++

Port Developers (Please Give Contact Information)

airvan forum userinfo Interested in linux port with C# (Mono) and OpenGL, have background in Java

Anyone willing to help? Don't be shy.

Port Status

May 5, 2005

Site started.


  • Determine what needs altered
  • Decide on 3D engine
  • Implement changes


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