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There are currently two Developer Mailing Lists. One for general developer discussion and the other is for CVS checkin notification.

[edit] Developer Discussion

The worldwind-dev mailing list is used by developers to discuss different aspects of developing World Wind. The list should be used instead of the #worldwind-dev IRC channel for discussing major development tasks or features. This allows for the creation of a threaded focused discussion that can be easily referenced.

The worldwind-dev Archives is where you can catch up on previous discussions.

The list should not be used for support or non World Wind related topics. For help using World Wind please use the Forums.

[edit] CVS Checkins

The CVS Checkin is a read-only mailing list. It is used to let those interested know what has been added to the code in the CVS repository. Every time a change is made to CVS an email is sent documenting the differences made with that edit. There is also the CVS Checkins Archive where you can see all previous email.

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