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The red planet Mars is now viewable from within World Wind (using version 1.3.4 or above) and has full 3D terrain. For more information on whats new in 1.3.4 visit the Guide to 1.3.4.


Mars Tutorial

A flash tutorial that explains how to view Mars in World Wind can be found at the World Wind Tours Homepage.

Viewing Mars

You can view Mars by either double clicking the 'World Wind Mars 1.3' desktop icon (see the image on the right of this page), selecting Start->Programs->NASA->World Wind Mars 1.3, or after launching World Wind by switching to Mars from the File menu.

Mars Layers

The different Moon layers can be toggled on and off by clicking the corresponding icon in World Winds toolbar (see image below).


  • MDIM - Greyscale, created using a single spectral band from the Viking missions.

More information about the Mars Global Digital Image Mosaic can be found at the MDIM Project homepage.


  • Elevation Map - Created using data from MOLA. The color of the map represents the elevation. The highest points are represented in red. The lowest points are represented in black.

Mars Add-Ons

For information on how to use World Wind Add-Ons visit the Add-on Launchpad.

Mars Missions

The Mars Missions Add-On displays the locations of various NASA related Mars landings. For more information and to download this Add-On please visit the Mars Missions Add-On page.

Martian hotspots

Interesting places on the Lunar surface, click the links for more information, or click the worldwind button to visit the location in World Wind.

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