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This Mirror list is used to track the progress of the setup of the new mirror servers.

For more information please contact Matt Mills.


Cluster A Servers


These servers must be able to host at minium:

  • NLT Landsat 7 - 100 GB
  • SRTM30 US - 12 GB
  • SRTM90 World - 13 GB
  • Graphical Elevation Data - 4.2 GB

In order to be considered a Cluster A Server, there are also the following requirements:

  • 20 megabits bandwidth minimum
  • A RAID array
  • Enough space to hold at least the four datasets specified above
  • Shell access (user)
  • A File system that can handle Millions of files (We use ReiserFS and UFS)

Also preferred are the following:

  • A server dedicated to World Wind's use
  • 24x7 on site staff
  • Extra space is preferred for extra data

Current Cluster A Servers

Provider Hostname Physical Location URL
http://www.ceteranet.com/logos/heanet.gif HEAnet ftp.heanet.ie Ireland http://ftp.heanet.ie/pub/worldwind/
http://www.reflected.net/reflected_worldwind.gif Reflected Networks      mirrors.reflected.net      Chicago, USA      http://mirrors.reflected.net/worldwind/
http://www.ceteranet.com/logos/switch.gif SWITCH mirror.switch.ch Switzerland Unassigned
http://www.ceteranet.com/logos/blank.gif PSGNet psg.com? Seattle, USA Unassigned
http://www.ceteranet.com/logos/psu.gif PennState Univ.* unkown Pittsburgh, USA Unassigned

 * = mirror is only tentative

Cluster B Servers

Cluster B is the secondary cluster of servers. These servers are not qualified to be listed as Cluster A servers, but are still useful to the project. Currently these servers are only hosting smaller datasets (< 100 GB), but in the future, we may be able to split datasets into pieces either geographically or by levels, in order to make use of what hard drive space is available.

All servers that are limited to certain CIDRs are automatically in this category.


  • 5 megabits bandwidth minimum
  • Raid array is not required, but highly recommended!
  • 50 GB of space minimum (Rare exceptions may be made)
  • A File system that can handle Millions of files

Current Cluster B Servers

Provider Hostname Physical Location URL

Their are currently no Cluster B Servers

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