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:*[] (HTTP, multiple mirrors) :*[] (HTTP, multiple mirrors)
:*[ World Wind Central] (HTTP) :*[ World Wind Central] (HTTP)
-:*[ spoon version] (HTTP, requires browser plugin but has better Vista/7 compatibility)+:*[ Run online at] (HTTP, requires browser plugin but has better Vista/7 compatibility)
:*[ World Wind Central] (BitTorrent) :*[ World Wind Central] (BitTorrent)

Current revision

World Wind is licensed under the NASA Open Source Agreement, with optional registration requested.

If you are looking for the Java version of World Wind please see the NASA World Wind Java SDK page.


Version 1.4.0 (February 14, 2007)

Release Notes - What's new in 1.4‎

Full install (16MB)

Source Code (18MB)

1.4.0 prelease to 1.4.0 final patch (1.5MB)

If you have 1.4.0 prerelease (released on February 7) installed on your computer you can update to the final version with this patch:

Version 1.3.5 (May 12, 2006)

If you do not have .Net Framework 2.0 installed you can use version 1.3.5

Version 1.3.4 (full install)

In case version 1.3.5 works realy bad for you you can try version 1.3.4.

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