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Ok, lets have a better game plan for 1.3.2

We should feature freeze at least 2 weeks before the release to allow for bug fixing and installer building AND release testing.

Bugs need to be in Source Forge's bug list to be considered for fixing. -- Bugs definitely need to be collected 'somewhere'. That somewhere should be in one centralized place.


Features to Add

  • realistic landsat photos, with accurate colors and better matching between tiles; it is unfortunate that the quality of the images has gotten worse in the last 2 months

Bugs to Squash

  • Gaps in trails, trails are not properly mapped to terrain at 0 elevation. (bull)

Current Functions to Improve

  • Support for proxy autodiscovery, proxy scripts, proxy authentication (gillesk)
  • Re-Examine WMS, SVS and MODIS.. can use improvement (TomServo) (Will look that in more detail to get some specific notes)


  • Launch program after install (requires another language string)
  • Add debugging code and defines
  • modify the first requirement string so that it contains another string with the requirement word. This way languages who may have to rearrange the sentence can. (language changes)
  • implement release notes into a exit license page (I say notes on this somewhere in NSIS, dunno if it's what we need, but I feel as if we should fix them up for sure this time around.)
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