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Ok, lets have a better game plan for 1.3.2

We should feature freeze at least 2 weeks before the release to allow for bug fixing and installer building AND release testing.

Bugs need to be in Source Forge's bug list to be considered for fixing. -- Bugs definitely need to be collected 'somewhere'. That somewhere should be in one centralized place.


Features to Add

  • realistic landsat photos, with accurate colors and better matching between tiles; it is unfortunate that the quality of the images has gotten worse in the last 2 months
  • bookmarks menu!
  • for the keyboard zoom keys(1 and 7) add a modifier key(e.g. CTRL or ALT or SHIFT) to change zoom increment to 1 meter at a time, so the user can zoom easily to a specifc altitude(e.g. 10,000m) (dpatton)
  • for each layer, have a way to zoom to the appropriate altitude to use the maximum zoom level tiles, the minimum zoom level tiles, and each 'zoom step' for that layer in between (dpatton)
  • have "Refresh Current View" default to both image tiles and terrain data, but have the option to refresh only tiles or only terrain data (dpatton)

Bugs to Squash

  • Gaps in trails, trails are not properly mapped to terrain at 0 elevation. (bull)

Bugs noted in 1.3.1alpha4 with font patch (dpatton)

  • at program startup, the earth is partially covered by the toolbar at the top, even though there is free space below the earth at the bottom of the window(800x600 screen)
  • at program startup, Wireframe(CTRL+W) turns off the toolbar grey background and draws a diagonal line across the toolbar, and if it's open, the Layer Manager window
  • at program startup, if both Blue Marble layers are turned off, there is no Earth shown(probably "functions as designed"), but then using Wireframe(CTRL+W) doesn't show a wireframe
  • World Settings(ALT+W) - at least some of the settings, when changed, do not make the corresponding change in the UI until WW is stopped and restarted. For example, setting ShowPlacenames to False still leaves the Placenames layer (which is selected by default) on.
  • The "World Settings"(ALT+W) should be combined with the "World Wind Settings"(ALT+Q) into one interface. -- Tools->Settings
  • Full Screen isn't working properly(WinXP). ALT+Enter does go to fullscreen, but using ALT+Enter or ESC to revert from fullscreen doesn't show the Windows taskbar until you task switch to another program. "Full Screen" from the View menu doesn't do real fullscreen - it leaves the Windows taskbar.
  • \Cache\Earth\TerrainAccesspr\SRTM and \SRTM30US subdirectories have both the .bil and .7z files
  • this URL: worldwind://goto/world=Earth&lat=48.00000&lon=-122.00000&alt=10000 when used with 1.3beta took the user to 48N 122W at an altitude of 10,000 meters, but in 1.3.1 it ends up at 9,851 meters altitude. The SRTM terrain height at 48N 122W is 149 meters, so 1.3.1 is calculating the camera altitude as the altitude requested in the URL(10,000m) less the terrain height(149m)
  • for various layers(both NLT and USGS) some image tiles are saved as .jpg and some as .dds
  • using this location: worldwind://goto/world=Earth&lat=48.53976&lon=-122.47993&alt=796536 and the NLT layer, even with "refresh view", there is a strip along the right-hand side of the viewport, on an 800x600 system, that isn't covered by NLT tiles. Moving to the East just continues to leave a strip on the right-hand side. Looks like if the tile bounding box is partially off the right-hand side of the screen it won't try and download the tile.

Current Functions to Improve

  • Support for proxy autodiscovery, proxy scripts, proxy authentication (gillesk)
  • Re-Examine WMS, SVS and MODIS.. can use improvement (TomServo) (Will look that in more detail to get some specific notes)


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