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Patrick Hogan (NASA Learning Technologies, Project Manager)

Tom Gaskins (NASA LT, Technical Manager)

Chris Maxwell (NASA LT, Lead Developer)

Randy Kim (NASA LT, Designer)

Jessica Gan (NASA LT)

NLT servers, open source community liaison, licensing, SourceForge/CVS, release engineering/coordination, World Wind installer, NLT web sites, documentation

Daniel "bull" Baker

Mike "engmike" Ellery

Tim "ShockFire" van den Hamer

Adam "adamhill" Hill (Community Developer/Thregecy Inc.)

.NET programmer, developer of computer based training content and systems for 15 years (from the Amiga onward). Currently working on real-time data acquisition and dissemination for various oil and gas companies. Am reworking the Input system and getting Audio/Video all spiffied up for the scripting system. Also wrote a chapter in Mapping Hacksabout NWW.

Gilles Kohl

David "dgm" Mays

Adam "Nowak" Nowacki

Bjorn "mashiharu" Reppen

Thomas Risan

Anthony "Llynix" Taylor

Dominic "TheBean" Taylor

Forming the Brit contingent along with Daniel, I'm a student about to take a gap year and then study Computer Science & Networks at Plymouth university. Also director of a Bath, UK based IT company. I also run a WW downloads mirror at, and moderate the forums with Chad and Anthony. In my spare time, when I find it, I scare the neighbours with my piano 'skills' and spy on them via the trampoline.

Chad "Tom Servo" Zimmerman

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