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Patrick Hogan (NASA Learning Technologies, Project Manager)
Tom Gaskins (NASA LT, Technical Manager)
Chris Maxwell (NASA LT, Lead Developer)
Randy Kim (NASA LT, Designer)
Jessica Gan (NASA LT) (Jessi)
NLT servers, open source community liaison, licensing, SourceForge/CVS, release engineering/coordination, World Wind installer, NLT web sites, documentation
Daniel "bull" Baker (bull)
Mike "engmike" Ellery (engmike)
I'm a hokie, majoring in electrical engineering. I mostly make hiking related add-ons, and try to help out where ever I can.
Martin "mazop" Zoepfl (mazop)
AddOn designing - mostly GIS related themes which i fuse as good as possible with World Wind....
Tim "ShockFire" van den Hamer (ShockFire)
Adam "adamhill" Hill (Community Developer/Thregecy Inc.) (adamhill)
.NET programmer, developer of computer based training content and systems for 15 years (from the Amiga onward). Currently working on real-time data acquisition and dissemination for various oil and gas companies. Am reworking the Input system and getting Audio/Video all spiffied up for the scripting system. Also wrote a chapter in Mapping Hacks about NWW.
Gilles Kohl
Community developer (fast search, place finder improvements, proxy support), Microsoft mapping MVP, ISV development lead in real life.
David "dgm" Mays
Adam "Nowak" Nowacki (Nowak)
Bjorn "mashiharu" Reppen (mashiharu)
.NET programmer from icy Norway. Favorite hobbies: Hanging out with the World Wind community and modifying (some will translate this to "breaking") the code. ;)
Thomas Risan
Anthony "Llynix" Taylor (Llynix)
Are we putting personal bios here or what we do for world wind? Well I am currently the principal maintainer of the installer and webmaster for worldwindcentral. I am also a forum moderator, IRC chatroom founder, and lead complainer. Outside of ww I tutor math for a measily part time living at Vernon College and take care of a loving woman and her wonderful daughter. I am no relation to Dom below.
Dominic "TheBean" Taylor (TheBean)
Forming the Brit contingent along with Daniel, I'm a student about to take a gap year and then study Computer Science & Networks at Plymouth university. Also director of a Bath, UK based IT company. I also run a WW downloads mirror at, and moderate the forums with Chad and Anthony. In my spare time, when I find it, I scare the neighbours with my piano 'skills' and spy on them via the trampoline.
Chad "Tom Servo" Zimmerman (Tom Servo)
A yank that keeps the brits under control ;) Mainly do forum moderation and support and support on the IRC channel. I also give the devs ideas for their code because they try NOT to think like a user at most times. I also work on the User Doc and I am also working on developing a World Wind game. On my non-WW time I contract work at General Motors where I do data analysis and reporting for most GM plants world wide (aka help them get numbers to improve throughput). In the real world, I watch turkeys, deer and foxes roam across the back yard and wonder what "vacation" means.
David Humpohl ("fool")
Tweaking, twiddeling and trying to understand the source...
Matt "f0urtyfive" Mills (f0urtyfive)
Handles some Cache pack related things as well as trying day and night to get full copies of all the datafeeds despite the fact that no one responds to his emails *sob*. Also enjoys clustered server architecture and long walks on the beach. Operates with Steven Van Heuven and Owns
Dave Patton (dpatton)
Looking into technical and administrative aspects of acquiring/using more Canadian data in World Wind. Also participate in the WW IRC channels and WW meetings on IRC. Live in Vancouver, B.C., host city for the 2010 Olympics. Self-employed 'computer guy'. Also Canadian Coordinator and Technical Coordinator for the Degree Confluence Project.
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