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// NAME: Joystick control
// VERSION: 1.0
// REFERENCES: Microsoft.DirectX.DirectInput.dll
// DESCRIPTION: Allow World Wind to be controlled by joystick/game controller
// DEVELOPER: John Doe
// REFERENCES: Microsoft.DirectX.DirectInput, MyCoordinateSystemLibrary.dll



A short name for the plugin.


The plugin version number string


A longer description of the plugin functionality.


The name(s) of the plugin developer(s).


An URL pointing to the "home" of the plugin.


A comma separated list of additional libraries the plugin needs a refence to. These might be local (plugin directory) assemblies, or system wide assemblies located in the Glocal Assembly Cache. For local assemblies filename (no path) including extension (usually .dll) must be specified. For global assemblies omit the extension.

The sample on the top of this page requests references to the Managed DirectX assembly Microsoft.DirectX.DirectInput.dll in the GAC and a local assembly MyCoordinateSystemLibrary.dll located in the directory of the plugin.

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