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A Point Layer Add-On is based around a file and a file set. The file is the XML file that supplies all the location ond configuration data for the Add-On. The file set contains the images for the Add-On including the icon that is displayed in the toolbar.



XML File

Below is a sample from an Add-On which displays Federal Electorates in Australia.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<LayerSet Name="Australian Commonwealth Electorates" ShowOnlyOneLayer="false" ShowAtStartup="false"
  <Icon ShowAtStartup="true">
    <Description>Commonwealth Electorate</Description>

Most of the tags above are fairly self explanatory (if you are having difficulty with XML see the W3C XML site). All the fields must be present otherwise World Wind will not be able to load the Add-On (and will throw an error during start-up).

For multiple points in your Add-On simply repeat the icon section.


File Placement

The XML file should be placed in the $WorldwindHome/Config/Earth/ folder (change Earth for the appropriate planet if necessary).

The file set should be at the location specified in the <ToolBarImage> and <TextureFilePath> tags.

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