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This set of release notes is not for consumer consumption. Developers are encouraged to update this document with major changes and bug fixes that have been fixed in that release.

This article is not covered by the Attribution Share Alike clause. The are here for development purposes only. Your comments are appreciated, but copyright retains to the original holder.

[edit] Release Notes

NASA World Wind
Release Notes


* Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, or XP
* 3D graphics card (
* Internet connection
* DirectX 9.0c and Managed DirectX 9.0c
* .NET Framework 1.1 runtime libraries

Minimum configuration

With the minimum configuration, performance and functionality may be less than expected.

* 700 MHz or higher CPU
* 128 MB RAM
* 1 GB disk space (World Wind's cache size is 2 GB by default; you must reduce the size of your cache)

Recommended configuration

* 1.4 GHz or higher CPU
* 256 MB of RAM
* DSL/cable connection or faster
* 3 GB of disk space


* Community Landsat server changes and optimizations.  (Issue WW-13)
* NLT Landsat server change.  (Issue WW-13)
* Hang during font install fixed.  (Issue WW-34)
* Estonian and Hungarian installer translations added; other translation fixes.  (Issue WW-13)
* patch upgrades both 1.3 and 1.3.1.  (Issue WW-85)


* Proxy support is only partially implemented.  To help developers enable full proxy support, please see 
* If World Wind does not download data, you may be experiencing a known issue with .NET 1.1.  Examine your computer using the enum.exe tool at;en-us;815209.  If you have more than 50 protocol bindings, you must install .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1, at  (Issue WW-6)
* The patch doesn't remove World Wind Dings upon uninstall.
* If you received some installer messages in English or all messages in English even though you picked another language please see and click edit.

Getting help

For answers to frequently asked questions, visit:

The World Wind Forums ( are an excellent source of news, information, and peer support.  You can find an extensive knowledge base at the World Wind Wiki:

To chat with other users, visit the World Wind chat room at or #worldwind on

File a bug report or a feature request by logging into the World Wind issue tracker.  See for details.


Some add-ons are included with this patch of World Wind.  There are other great add-ons available at these pages: and

NASA-created add-ons

Lewis and Clark
Created by Chris Maxwell

Astrobiology Field Guide
Created by Randy Kim

Landmark Catalog
Created by ShockFire, Camille Boykins, Ratna Rao, Fred Liao and David Goldfarb

Flags of the World
Created by Randy Kim

Community contributed add-ons

Appalachian Trail
Created by Engmike

Community OnEarth Landsat 7 Mirror
OnEarth imagery courtesy: Lucian Plesea, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Community server developer & administrator: Adam Nowacki

Highest Mountains
Created by Martin Zoepfl

Norway's Prehistoric Hillforts
Created by Thomas Risan

Norwegian County Municipalities
Created by Thomas Risan

Population Density
Created by Martin Zoepfl

Tsunami Marker
Marks the location of the recent Tsunami and links to the related Wikipedia page.

The Voyage of Ottar
Created by Thomas Risan

World Cities
192 capitals and 2341 cities around the world.
Created by Martin Zoepfl


1.3.1 (March 29, 2005)

* Tile downloading optimizations
* New measure tool (press "M" key)
* New menu item to redownload imagery for the current view
* Added icon layer mouseover text
* Fixed bug with downloading tiles outside bounding box
* Added minimum and maximum display altitude for TerrainPath layers
* LayerSet.xsd schema changes; add-ons for previous versions may need to be updated
* Added optional anti-aliasing of placenames (configure in the World Settings window, Alt+W)
* Cache: .txt placeholders for tile not found errors now deleted after one day
* For certain user interface elements, World Wind now uses the World Wind Dings font instead of Wingdings 2 and Wingdings 3
* Added command line option "/f" for full screen
* "Planet Gravity" renamed to "Planet Inertia"
* Added distance, tilt, and field of view to extended position information
* When Tahoma font isn't available, default system font is now used
* Installer: translations added or fixed for several languages; corrupt installer bug fixed
* TerrainAccessor now saves terrain cache in \Cache\Earth instead of \Cache
* Local settings directory moved from \Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\NASA\NASA World Wind\[version] to \Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\NASA\World Wind 1.3
* Source code now builds under NAnt 
* 3 new community-contributed add-ons: Highest Mountains; Population Density; and World Cities.

1.3 (March 2, 2005)

* Significant user interface improvements, including tile download indicator
* New NLT Landsat7 dataset
* New NLT elevation dataset
* New community Landsat7 mirror dataset from
* Camera: added planet gravity, camera banking, field-of-view, and axis lock options.  Planet gravity is on by default
* Place finder: fast search with index generator, columns, favorites, history, GPX coordinate import/export
* Scripting capability added, based on 1.0 specification (Tom Gaskins, NASA:
* Now interprets new worldwind://wmsimage= URI format
* Provincial borders added for Canada, municipal borders added for Norway and Sweden
* Installer: optimized, correctly checks for .NET 1.1, doesn't run multiple instances, has several translations.  Rapid Fire MODIS base dataset included in install
* SVS now compatible with new server data format
* New "Flags of the World" and "County Municipalities in Norway" add-ons

1.2e (January 26, 2005)

* Added smooth zooming with mouse wheel.
* Added full-screen mode (Alt+Enter).
* Added "always on top" mode.
* Five add-ons created or co-created by World Wind community members--Appalachian Trail, Landmark Catalog, Norway's Prehistoric Hillforts, Tsunami Marker, and the Voyage of Ottar--are now included in the installation.
* An "Add-ons" button was added to the toolbar.
* Added "Useful Sites" menu.
* Fixed display of terrain elevation for certain locales.
* Fixed number conversion problems in Rapid Fire Modis for certain locales.
* TerrainTile files are automagically moved to the correct folder.
* Reduced number of decimals in the CoordsToClipboard function (from 9 to 5).
* Fixed GLOBE "Connection Error."
* Fixed parsing error in MODIS.
* Fixed "Copy coordinates to clipboard" giving an error.
* Fixed Pearl River display in Animated Earth.
* Changed 'Animated Earth' to 'NASA SVS'.
* A User-Agent header was added to tile requests.
* Performance enhancements, error handling enhancements, and code cleanup.
* The installer was refined, slimmed down, and converted to Nullsoft Install System.


World Wind is licensed under the NASA Open Source Agreement. You may use, reproduce, distribute, modify, and redistribute World Wind subject to the terms of the Agreement.  For details, see the "license.txt" file that came with your copy of the software or visit


Copyright © 2004-2005 United States Government as represented by the Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2004-2005 Contributors. All Rights Reserved.
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