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This Road Map should give an indication of the near future of the World Wind project.


Next Release

  • 1.3.4
  • Expected: April, 2006

Upcoming Changes

For a schedule of upcoming changes and features, please see the Issue Tracker Road Map.

In addition, the following list serves as an informational pointer to planned significant changes to the core of World Wind.


This should be called the National Guard release, as many of the enhancements address their wish list, i.e., XML from remote locations, an attribute to refresh the elements in a layer, plus some new NASA datasets, OnEarth, Mars, Venus, etc.


This branch has been cancelled. There will not be a 1.4 release.


A refactoring of the implementation to a multiplatform (.NET & Java) API-centric arhcitecture.

The current estimated timeframe is 30 September 2006.

Lead NASA World Wind.NET developer: Chris Maxwell.

Lead NASA World Wind Java developer: Tom Gaskins

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