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NASA People

  • Enhance rendering for blending multiple layers (cmaxwell)
  • Enhance XML-Based scripting support (cmaxwell)
    • Expected Version: 1.5 (June 05)
  • Define "pre-compiled" DLL plugin support architecture (cmaxwell)
    • Expected Version: 1.6 (July 05)


  • Getting Audio , Video and Display Images working in scripting. (Adamhill)
  • Reworking downloading and displaying of images and terrain information (dhumpohl)
    • There will be a global download queue where every download is put into
    • Logic for all renderable classes should be like:
      • Look for a needed file in cache
      • If that file isn't there, put it into the download queue (download queue will detect duplicate download requests and ignore them) and stop work
      • On the next rendering step look again..
  • Experimental C#/VB/JScript.NET Script Engine (Mashiharu)

I put all this on the backburner (Adamhill)

  • Improving user input to be more modular
    • Separate out into commands.
    • Drive commands from Plugins
    • Write base set of DirectX input device Plugins (kbd, mouse, joystick, gamepad)
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