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World Wind Central thanks

  • Nowak for systems administration and and generating additional image layers.
  • TheBeansprout for managing the finances and administration.
  • Llynix for developing WWC and administration.
  • nosilleg for being the wiki editor and site development.
  • Bull for maintaining all things add-on related.
  • David Mays, provided the original site code and many developments.
  • NickVD did a major site redesign and several developments.
  • Kaleko and ear1grey who created the artwork on the sites.
  • The people on irc in #worldwind, #mediawiki, #css on irc.freenode.net
  • Mediawiki for their great wiki software
  • NASA Learning Technologies
  • The USGS and Terraserver
  • NASA JPL for Landsat7 / SRTM
  • Debian, PHP, w3c, firefox, google
  • Freenode for providing developer discussion facilities
  • FreeBSD project for the best operating system ever ;)
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