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* Chad Zimmerman * Chad Zimmerman
* Nigel Tzeng * Nigel Tzeng
 +* Tisham Dhar
==Links== ==Links==
* [ Google SoC 2008] * [ Google SoC 2008]
* [ SoC FAQ] * [ SoC FAQ]

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About WorldWind

About Google Summer of Code

See the Google SoC FAQ page

WW SoC Coordinator

Chad Zimmerman
Board of Directors, The Free Earth Foundation

Nigel Tzeng

Project Ideas

Have an idea for a project, post it in here for consideration.

WW.Net - Re-Implementation of WorldWind Virtual Earth plug-in

Suggested By: Chad Zimmerman
Difficulty: Moderate to Hard
The original plug-in was developed by Casey Chesnut as a prof-it-could-be-done project, and has not been updated since. The code is in need of re-development for a new and improved version that will bring in all the Virtual Earth layers, Birds-Eye view and 3D buildings. (Yes, this plug-in does have Microsoft's blessing to exist.)


  • Chad Zimmerman
  • Nigel Tzeng
  • Tisham Dhar


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